Beijing HengYuan congregation associated Instrument Co., Ltd. is an innovative spirit, the pursuit of excellence, optics, precision machinery, electronics, computer technology, one of the modern enterprise.

    The company mainly engaged in optical devices for precision displacement adjustment. Products: tune-core systems, scientific research automatically displacement series, industrial automatic displacement range, electronically controlled displacement series manual displacement series, frames and slide series optical bench series, optical platforms, optical adjustment series, optical component series, optical accessories. Product application research, teaching, industry and other fields.

    We are constantly learning and innovation, constantly updated product based on customer needs, delivered the first time, the first time to listen to feedback, your needs and opinions of our forward momentum, to meet your product requirements is our ideal.

    We insist on starting from the quality management, inspection to ensure the stability of product quality, packaging, transportation, sale and you have no worry, our goal is the constant pursuit of product quality and after-sales service, so you get high-quality, high service, the ultra the value products.

    We Hengyuan Zhonglian  with the slogan "Excellence, and you create Hengyuan future"!